Preschool Lessons

These lessons are for children 3-5 years old. Using the WunderKeys Preschool Piano Program, we help your child explore the piano in ways that they are capable. Each lesson contains at least 5 different activities so that the little ones are able to stay focused and having fun all while learning.  


Group Lessons

Group lessons are at the forefront of piano instruction!

These lessons are social.
This dynamic learning environment provides students the opportunity to develop their ability to play the piano along side other students in a fun, supportive environment. Group lessons build a sense of community among students. They stay motivated to practice because their group is their piano team- they don't want to let their team down. There's a sense of enthusiasm and motivation that happens in group lessons that just can't be achieved in a solo individual lesson.

Groups can also be loud.They learn to play together. Through playing together they develop a greater sense of rhythm and tempo.Students who learn in group settings, become strong performers and have less performance fear because they have so much experience playing in front of others.  We also use theory games and have lots of friendly competition.

Groups provide students with a greater sense of comfort because the spotlight isn't always on them. The teacher isn't always sitting right next to them listening and watching their every move, so they become more relaxed; thus, giving them the courage to explore the piano and get creative. 

 Typical group lesson subjects are of course reading notation, aural training, sight reading and theory, but also include: improvisation, group performance, duets and trios, technology based learning, basic composition and more!



     Individual Lessons


For students who have reached a late elementary or early intermediate level, they are able to move into individual lessons. These lessons will include reading notation, aural training, theory, sight reading, technique and performance training but are done solo. We use games and technology in our lessons as well as other creative manipulatives. Students will continue to have multiple opportunities to perform through recitals and playing at other venues in the Lakeland area.








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