Studio Policy


The studio charges a yearly tuition based on 39 lessons in the 40 week teaching term. Families may pay in 10 monthly installments. A $15 late fee will be charged for late payments. If payment is not made by the second lesson, no lesson will be taught and lessons will be suspended until the account is brought current. Lessons payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card. Please make checks out to Mysti Dye. Online payments are made through PayPal. There will be a 3% transaction fee for Credit Card or PayPal transactions; this will be added to the following month's invoice. There are no refunds for missed lessons, or for student's who terminate lessons mid month.
  • Yearly Registration is $50 per student, not to exceed $90 per family. Registration is due the first lesson of August each year. Registration covers lesson books, studio licensed materials, recitals, incentives, copies, and additional materials needed. 
  • It is the students responsibility to be at each lesson and to be on time. Lessons will not be extended due to lateness. The teacher reserves the right to cancel any lesson that begins more than 10 minutes late.
  • The studio has a no make-up policy. Please understand that your tuition is reserving a time-slot on the teacher's weekly schedule for your child. Your tuition not only pays for the time we are in lesson, it also pays for the time that is spent preparing lessons, record keeping and gathering materials needed for your child. Should you need to miss a lesson, phone, Facetime and Skype lessons are available (with notice) as an alternative. 
  • The teaching term is 40 weeks although only 39 are charged for in the tuition. The studio has built in a "sick" week in the event the studio must cancel a lesson. If no lessons are canceled, the additional lesson can be considered a bonus to the student. In the rare event the studio must cancel any additional lessons, it will either make-up the lesson at a date/time  that works for both the family and the studio, or a lesson credit will be given. There are no refunds for missed make-up lessons. 
  • Please, no eating or drinking in the studio. This is for both students and guests. Please wash hands and use hand sanitizer when entering the studio.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend lessons, but may drop off instead. The studio does not have a waiting room. Please do not arrive or drop off earlier than 5 minutes before lesson.If you arrive early, please wait in your car until the lesson time. If you drop off, please arrive before the lesson ends to ensure prompt pick-up. If you have questions concerning your child, please see me at the beginning of the lesson as opposed to the end so that the next scheduled student is able to start their lesson on time. You do not need to ring the doorbell.
  • Please park on the street and not blocking the driveway. Please leave driveway free for family cars. 
  • All guests must be silent observers. Cell phones may not be used, and electronic devices (games, movies, music, etc.) must be used with headphones. Noises are a distraction for both the teacher, and the student. 
  •  Students are expected to come prepared with all assignments completed. Practice is an integral part of piano study, and while I understand that occasionally there will not be enough time to practice all of your assigned time, if a student continually comes to lessons unprepared, either without materials or practice, they may be dismissed from the studio. Notice will be given, and steps taken to avoid this situation.
  • Pictures and video are sometimes taken and used on the studio social media site or website. Students will be identified by their first initial only. You may opt out at any time.
  • Mysti's Music Studio reviews and adjusts tuition and policies on a yearly basis.