An encouraging first experience in music lessons is critical to your child's enjoyment of the piano. The WunderKeys program has been designed to be that and more! Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of preschool-aged children and to ensure that their first lesson experience is positive and enjoyable.

The developmental abilities of 3-5 year old children are very different than that of 6 year old and older; which most piano methods are written for. The WunderKeys preschool piano program lessons are spent exploring the piano in ways in which younger children are capable. Lessons are geared towards having them understand everything they will need to know before being able to read notated music.

Preschoolers will have an all- encompassing piano lesson in which they will participate in five different and unique activities that will ensure they remain focused, engaged, active and happy. For many students beginning the WunderKeys program, this is their first experience one-on-one with an adult other than their parents. It's their first opportunity to be independent, to feel as though they have ownership over their own learning, and to feel pride in their individual accomplishments. The program is designed to foster feelings of confidence, self-esteem, and the joy of learning.

The studio holds a monthly Wunderkeys Open House. Contact the studio for more information on dates and times.

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